The challenge
The challenge was creating a brand identity for PC that would help them adapt to the community's needs. The identity needed to be refreshed, cohesive and built on the existing logo and colours that would serve as the face of the strategy. PC would use Caring for Port Cares to raise funds for the community they had missed out on from the pandemic. The brand identity included a logo design for PC, one to celebrate 35 years and another for their 50/50 draw. The brand also needed to be developed with an extended colour palette, typography, iconography, print and web design.

While keeping the green and blue of the existing logo (left), I created a modern, geometric design for the new PC logo (right).

My role
As the graphic designer, I created the identity with a PC logo, a logo celebrating 35 years and a logo for the 50/50 draw called Caring for Port Cares. Alongside the logos were layout designs for table tent cards, stickers, an annual report cover, Open Graph images, stationery design, wireframed web design and virtual meeting backgrounds.

Unique elements that resemble all parts of the tagline: Help, Hope, Opportunity form the PC logomark.

The solution
I kept brand recognition by building a new identity on the existing green and blue colour palette while moving in a modern direction. The new logo and identity felt familiar but more developed, with supporting designs to complete it. The logo's simple geometric and modular style allowed flexibility, creating a playful identity. The identity helped PC increase awareness for their 50/50 draw.

The new PC logo design without a tagline.

I created the PC logo to work in full colour, one colour, logomark and reverse.

I created an extended colour palette for the PC identity for more versatility.

To celebrate 35 years, I created an anniversary logo for PC that follows the modular geometric aesthetic.

In layout design, simple circles and arcs create brand patterns for backgrounds and accents.

The PC logomark inspired the brand iconography that features simple green and blue overlapping and connecting lines and shapes.

The logomark works in oversized graphic elements paired with photography, such as the print design of a pull-up banner.

I created virtual meeting backgrounds for volunteers to use during video calls.

I applied the identity design to letterhead, business cards, round stickers for the 50/50 draw and an annual report cover.

I created another logo for the 50/50 draw, Caring for Port Cares.

I designed a table tent card for the 50/50 draw with the logo and identity design.

I wireframed the redesigned PC website in Adobe XD with the new identity and handed off the files to be developed in Webflow.

Other projects

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