The challenge
The challenge was to visualize complex data from Cameco about nuclear fuel manufacturing and expand a stagnant corporate brand that had no identity.
My role
As the graphic designer, I grew the Cameco logo into an identity with refreshed colours and graphic elements. I then used the new identity on posters, infographics and presentations.
The solution
The solution was to expand upon the original blue of the Cameco brand and add more dark and bright alternatives. The curves of the Cameco logo inspired me to include radial elements and concentric circles in the layout seen in the poster designs. Large, bold typography mixed with colour and shape highlights were used to emphasize stats and key facts in the designs. Circles, curved edges, rounded corners and pointed triangles were used to build the informational structure of the designs and were inspired by the Cameco logomark.

For a Cameco open-house event, I designed a series of posters that featured clean layouts and bold typography.

I created theme and variation throughout the posters, allowing for uneven lengths of copy and a variety of images.

To mimic the characteristics of the Cameco logomark, I used round shapes and corners.

I drew the Cameco facilities in digital line art for presentations and graphics.

I made an infographic to visualize the Cameco licence timeline.

I created an infographic to show who Cameco Fuel Manufacturing is and what they do.

I created an infographic to visualize how Cameco is involved in the nuclear fuel cycle.

I made an infographic to visualize the Cameco licence renewal process.

I created an infographic to show how the licence request would allow Cameco to operate at total capacity.

I made an infographic to visualize the Cameco regulation and compliance levels.

I created the slide layout for a Cameco presentation featuring the facility line drawings.

Other projects

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