The challenge
The challenge was to create a distinct identity for the 2021 campaign that felt related to our 2019 LBC campaign identity.
My role
As the graphic designer, I collaborated with Natalie Gilson to design the campaign identity from concept to completion. Once the visuals were approved, I directed a junior designer to assist in creating the many social media post graphics for the campaign. I also worked directly with a developer and provided Adobe XD wireframes for them to develop the campaign website in Webflow.

Initial concepts featured colours later revised to not interfere with political party colours.

The solution
The solution for the campaign identity featured a concept inspired by the stickers that decorate hard hats. This visual approach resonated with the construction union workers. Throughout social media posts and the web design of the campaign were a series of key messages to vote in the next election. One set of stickers featured the LBC logo to add variation when grouped with messaging stickers. Another set of stickers featured the LBC hexagonal shape to carry that recognizable feature into the design.

The LBC campaign logo as it evolved into the Vote for Good Jobs campaign slogan and sticker concept.

I designed a series of digital stickers with various shapes and colours that feature campaign messaging.

I showcased the identity with Open Graph images for the home, about, contact, survey, newsroom, share, platforms, categories, and privacy policy pages.

I established the art direction and designed post graphics for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter because social media was a focus of the campaign.

I applied the Vote for Good Jobs campaign branding to the campaign website design.

Other projects

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