The challenge
The challenge was to visually represent the strategy and messaging of the HFHN Build More campaign, such as Build More: Hope, Housing, Future, and Lives. Then, incorporate that visual into an identity that fit within the Habitat for Humanity International brand. Once complete, the new identity would get HFHN into the multi-residential housing model by attracting donors.

I experimented with bold, block letterforms to symbolize the construction of homes and clipped images to represent someone looking inside the house at their future.

My role
As the graphic designer, I researched other housing campaign identities to see the current landscape. I then iterated logo and identity concepts based on the campaign theme. With the concept complete, I made the campaign logo and identity and applied them to the layout design to see how they performed.
The solution
I created the solution of mixed realities by combining photography with clean vector illustrations and layouts. The concept showed the point of view of new homeowners being inside or outside these newly built homes using windows and perspective. I drew perspective lines and shapes to create rooms, spaces, and homes, inside or outside. I featured the Habitat for Humanity International brand colours and typography while building the campaign identity. I applied the branding to the case for support and other internal planning documents.

Build More campaign logo design.

HFHN logo paired with the Build More campaign logo design.

The Build More campaign logo design variations.

A selection of slides from the Build More campaign case for support.

The Build More campaign banner images on the HFHN website.

Other projects

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